Karelia is a region in the North-West of Russia. Half of the Karelian territory is covered with forest, and a quarter is the water surface. Arriving here, you can see such famous monuments of wooden architecture as the monastery on Lake Ladoga, the Valaam archipelago, and the island of Kizhi, located on the island of Lake Onega. However, Karelia is not only ancient monasteries, but also stunning northern nature. For lovers of active recreation, the region prepares exciting adventures, and for lovers of long walks - secret paths and amazing peace.

Tourists are mostly attracted by the beauty of Karelia, which is further complemented by the authentic architecture and traditions of the region. Photographers love to visit the Marble Canyon and its river, located in Ruskeala Park. Then there is the mighty Kivachi Waterfall with many smaller waterfalls for you to explore. The rivers and lakes in the area are ideal for kayaking, providing an excellent mix of calm waters and boisterous waterfalls. And fishermen also love Karelia - an ideal destination for that kind of leisure.

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