Russia was always proud of its record of achievements in the field of Space Exploration. USSR was the first country which sent a human to space and Earth orbit; the first animal and the first woman in space are also gains of Soviet scientists and developers. Exploration of space is still one of the essential aims of Russian.     Federation.

01Astronomers garden in Sokolniki park

Astronomers garden is a beautiful place to stroll around while you are in Sokolniki park. It is a square made in the style of the Solar System with the models of the planets. What makes it unique is the realistic design of the planets and the illumination of each planet. Don’t miss this place to take some unusual photographs!

02Museum of Cosmonautics

This museum is located near the VDNKh metro station on the first floor of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space. The exposition of the museum contains genuine items of space hardware, cosmonauts' kits, and interactives; for instance, cosmonaut exercisers, and the Space Station miniature interactive model.

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03Cosmos Pavillion on VDNKh

Cosmos Pavillion, opened in 2018, is a giant exhibition dedicated to Cosmos exploration and aviation development in Russia. The museum consists of three sectors and its interactive exhibitions and more than 120 examples of space and aviation vehicles will tell you about Russian explorers’ achievements of the past and the plans and current researches on the field of Cosmos exploration and space hardware development.

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04Star City

Star City is an urban-type settlement located 25 km from Moscow. It is inhabited mainly by cosmonauts, space scientists, and their families. The tourists visit Star City for its Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center to participate in excursions and interactive programs for adults and children.

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05Moscow Planetarium

Moscow Planetarium is not only about films and lectures about space researches. It also has an interactive museum called Lunarium with showpieces telling about different phenomena like black holes or vacuum.

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